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Where the Jahannam Did We Go Wrong?


Many of us may wonder “where did it all go wrong?”.  We used to be such a force in the Islamic world.  We were respected, admired, loved, cherished, and we had every single opportunity to better ourselves that men did.  And then some.

As Muslim women, we were thriving with education, business, property, and faith.  Those were the golden days of Islam, the days in which the Ummah actually practiced what the Prophet (saws) preached.  I miss those days.

We were scholars, warriors, business women, religious teachers.

Today we don’t have many of these opportunities throughout the Muslim world.  We hear story after story of backwards and sick-minded men abusing, torturing, or killing their wives and daughters.  We see so many of our sisters in Islam being prevented from not only Islamic education, but basic education.  Why?

We as an Ummah have forgotten who we are – who we were – in the world.  We used to be a thriving, healthy, well functioning society that spanned the globe.  Now, we’re a conglomerate of home-culture practice and thoughtless mimicry.

African, Desi, Arab, Asian, Western, and every other culture has strong undertones of misogyny.  When we managed to weed this out and practice Islam, we were an amazing force to be reckoned with.

Today not so much.

Our problems lie with choosing culture over Islam.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Islam does NOT need to change.  It’s not a matter of interpretation.  It’s a matter of practice or negligence.  If we practice Islam despite every cultural, societal, or mental block we have to it, we can then return to the glory that the Muslim world once was.

What will you do to help?

E-Book Recommendation


Click here for Achievements of Muslim Women in the Religious and Scholarly Fields by Maulana Qadhi Athar Mubarakpuri.

Author’s Introduction: Like men, women too have taken a wholehearted part in the religious and scholarly fields. Earlier books of biographies have information about noted women as they have about men. In fact, separate books were also composed on women’s contribution, and this goes on even today.

Many people have written books on outstanding women. However, these books throughout are written in Arabic, there being none in Urdu, besides, for some years now, scholars of this area have paid attention to religious education to women who are now imparted teaching in Arabic.

Therefore a book on this subject was necessary and I have composed it, hoping that the lives of the great women of Islam will serve as lesson-beating.